My gang and I are the best. So screw the rest. I do as I damn well please. Until the end, I'm an IB survivor, my friend! Defenders of Anarchy!

Park Bom:" boss, did you see my news about the drugs?"
YG:" yes, no worries, we are gonna solve it."
WG:" boss, I wanna get marry."
JYP:" okay, we support you and wonder girls will always wait for you."
JYJ, HOT, Jessica, Kris, Sulli:" boss we want to..."
SM:" No, and get out!"

If there’s one thing that the KPOP Fandom can agree on its about how much they hate SM.

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I just keep thinking about all the new fans in years to come. All these people who will never know them as we’ve known them, as 9, as SNSD. All these people who’ll look back at old MV’s and wonder who that ninth girl is, where did she go, what happened to her…. All of these people who won’t know our Ice Princess the way we’ve come to know her. I don’t think I can keep the tears in any longer…

fairly land ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 )

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I’m going to be depressed all day at work about the whole Jessica situation, and the worst part about it is I won’t be able to explain it to anyone there. No one there would understand how serious this is.


feelings towards sm right now:



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